Garage Loft Plans To Pick Up

garage plans with loft 08Sometimes, getting a little bit bold and distinct requires unusual concern like nobody else has done. You may make your house different from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood, but do not forget about giving some more special touches on your garage. Garage plans are offered by a number of house planner which each of them has their own style, design, pros and cons. Therefore, it is rather hard to make up our mind while picking up one which suits our needs and budget the most. But, you may try to consider these garage plans with loft that will not only function as a garage but also something else.

Probably you have not imagined that a loft can be turned into a mini apartment or your cozy shelter. Some redoubtable garage plans with loft are offered, while here we are going to provide you with a few of them but looking the most gorgeous. What about a garage with an apartment at the loft? Do you think it’s great? In this model, you can have 4 cars kept in the garage at the first floor while the second floor functions as an apartment with two bedroom at the first end of the floor, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room at the other end. The only window you can have is hang at the deck beside the living room.

However, you may have another garage with loft which space is smaller. Three cars are loaded in the first floor, while the loft is managed to contain 1 large bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and 1 bathroom. All these rooms are considered as quite spacious for some people to live in. With an indoor staircase, you can get access more privately, since you might consider not to let people you do not know enter your mini apartment.