How Water Source Heat Pump Differs from Air Source Heat Pump

water source heat pump 07There are three types of heat pump based on the sources of the heat. One of them is water source system. This system works like the traditional air source heat pump. The difference is on the source of the heat, water. This system is categorized as the most affordable system when compared to two other systems, air and ground.

However, it is not a type of home comfort system because it is limited for those who live in an area that is close to natural water sources such as well and lake.
All of the three types of heat pump can provide a good control of the home temperature, especially during the winter months. They pump the heat during this period of cold weather. Luckily, they can be also a good alternative to air conditioner in summer months because they can also remove the hot temperature. Water source heat pump has the same basic principle as how the traditional air source heat pump more at which is works. It extracts the heat from water, not air. It cycles water through the pipes, gathers the heat and carries the heat to the targeted rooms or house.

During the winter months, water source heating system will take the deep water to gather the heat. Even the water is cold, but it is warmer than the air. Therefore, it is a very good alternative for those who live in area with cooler climate. Unfortunately, natural water source is not available in any area. You will be grateful to have lake or well nearby your home and you have a good chance to install this system and save more money. In the summer months, the heat pump carries heat from inside the house to the outside. How the heat pump works is still the same. During the hot weather, air, especially inside the house, will be warmer than the water and the heat will be transferred to the air.